January 15, 2016

Sabrina is still alone on her piece of Land

Sabrina Vendimia has been working on promotions so that when she is able to get married she has a small house for the two of them to live in until they can build more on to their home to make a nice family home which she wants.

First things first, she needs to work on taking care of her legacy tree.  The tree has so far lived a few days so things are looking up for Sabrina.

And it is off to work for Sabrina, she hopefully got enough skill leveling done so that she will see a promotion today.  Which will lead to a little building on her future home.

Sabrina's hard work to another promotion was good and she now has a little one room home where she can get out of the weather and relax a little bit safer.

Another thing this latest promotion has led to being able to get ourselves the military course.  It is hard work but Sabrina really does like to run it and raise her fitness skill level.

Another thing Sabrina bought herself was the Soccer goal hoping to raise her interest in sports as a hobby, but really it is just good for more of a work out.  She also knows that her week is almost up living alone so maybe next time we can invite Juan over to hang out and make sure that are relationship is doing really well for marriage.

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