February 1, 2016

The Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge - Dream Family

Welcome to my first ever attempt to do The Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge.  So a quick overview of my set up for this challenge, I have decided to use the Lunar Lakes set up that was edited by MagdalĂ©na Endlová but I did end up moving a few lots and placing the 64x64 lot for my Apocalypse lot.

So before we get into the game here are my Advantages and Handicaps I will be playing by:
  1. Alien Prestige Occult +50 points
  2. Male Founder + 5 points
  3. Walk to Work +10 points
  4. He's got Seniority +5 points
  5. Prestige Occult Bloodline Only +5 points
  6. Not my dream home +5 points
  7. What Experience +15 points
  8. Everyone's a Critic +5 points
This will give me the total possible points in this category of 100 Points.

So lets start with meeting our first Test Subject: Ash Dream

Ash has the traits:

  1. Athletic
  2. Ambitious
  3. Genius
  4. Slob
  5. Handy
These 5 traits that Ash was given in creation are hopefully going to help him in his future with school and whichever job he receives at Lunar Lakes.  I also know from test playing that Ambitious and Genius are really good traits for University and Jobs.

Ash also has a Lifetime Want of The Tinkerer:

This will mean reaching the top of the Handiness Skill as well as the Logic Skill.

The things about Ash's Personality are that he loves Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Classical Music and the Color Purple.

Now lets take a look at where Ash will be living to help rebuild society that Sims were promised to be the future that now just looks unreachable.

As you will see there are some labeled areas on our map and those are the locations that Ash and other family members will be able to visit... 
  1. Park
  2. Library
  3. City Hall
  4. Lum Household
  5. Alto Household
  6. Suo Household
And now that Ash is all moved in, has all of his network mapped out it is time to roll for my career of choice so that we can officially begin The Apocalypse Challenge

With a roll of 1 Ash gets to choose from Military, Entertainment and Medical.

Though being able to have a shower would be great, Ash has chosen to go with Military as it will give him more options on moving around the town without as many restrictions.  This will also lead to less chance of a blooper as I always seem to mess up when it comes to traveling around town.

*Stay tuned to tomorrow for Ash's first week at University*


  1. Yeah, my rule of thumb when you roll 1, is that 9 times out of 10 you should take Military without even thinking about it. On the 10th time, you should think about it, but take Military anyway. :)

  2. Very nice. We even have the same first clear. I look forward to reading more, and good luck. :)
    - Brenda from FB group