January 21, 2016

Sabrina is finally able to get married

Well, it has been a week in Sabrina's new life.  She has worked hard gotten a few promotions and she even met a few good guys.  One of which was even more important to her, Juan Reamon.

After a week alone Sabrina has invited Juan over to her place to hopefully get married real quick and start their family, but it had been a few days since they had last seen each other so they needed to raise friendship levels a little to make way for their engagement.

Playing football toss was something Sabrina had been wanting to do, so she was very happy when Juan wanted to play as well.  Letting them get to know each other while raising that Sports hobby interest.

But onto the real reason for inviting Juan over, the engagement.

And of course the marriage as well, must not wait for that.

And with the money from the latest promotion and that which Juan brought in, a little more build onto their house and even a very small nursery for the future baby.  We can not wait to see what these two bring into the family.

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