January 7, 2016

Sabrina Vendimia goes to the Park

Well now that Sabrina is set up on her new home lot, it is time to get some friends and even some money in her pocket.

In order to do those two things Sabrina headed over to Sim Center South in the Downtown neighborhood.  Where there is plenty for her to do and always friendly Sims to meet. (I know I have some loading problems with my game...)

But Sabrina knew before she got to miserable, she needed to make a few coins since she really could not even afford a bed at this time so first Sabrina got behind the Barista Bar and worked for some money to hopefully be able to afford a bed to sleep in.

After spending some time working as a Barista, Sabrina decided to see if there was anyone hanging out that would interest her in the long term, she is a Family Sim and in order to get that Aspiration she will need to meet a nice guy.

Sabrina did in fact meet and get along with Morty Roth, but he is a neighborhood sim which makes him ineligible for marriage but he has been making a very good friend very quickly.  And being as good looking as he is, maybe a Romance Sim can meet him later on and give us some very pretty baby genes.

After talking to Morty for a while, Sabrina was really getting a craving for a Hot Dog to fill her stomach because even with the time worked as a Barista we are barely able to afford a bed so there would be not food at her home for a while now.

Another thing that can be found in Sim Center South that Sabrina can not afford at this time and will have to travel to take care of her needs, a shower.  So before leaving Sabrina takes a quick shower, which is interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom. and her never ending lectures on things my sims are doing wrong in this game.  I guess showering in public is not allowed.

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