January 14, 2016

Sabrina completed her first day of work

Well it is our first official night on our brand new home lot and there is something to be said for being able to afford more than just a bed.

It seems without walls and a roof over your head you get to fight the elements and Sabrina got first hand knowledge of that with the rain that fell while she slept outside for the first night at her new home, she really can not wait until she can afford a real home and not just a bed and land to put it on.

Upon waking up before the sun, Sabrina is off to her first day in the Military career.  Wishing for a promotion on the first day but really just needs some good money to start building her home.

It seems that Sabrina did in fact get that promotion on her first day and was able to get herself a few things to make living outside a little better.  Not much but enough to get this rough life started.  A little mini fridge, so she does not have to go to the park and eat burnt hot dogs all the time and even a phone on top of that so that she can talk to her new friends.  Next Sabrina threw a wall up so that she could get a cheap toilet and shower so that she does not keep getting interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom while trying to take a shower.  Though she did run out of money before she could get herself a cheap bookshelf to start learning some more skills, guess it is back to the park to work as a barista a few hours so that she can get a bookshelf.

Upon arriving at the park Sabrina got to meet the "Good Witch" so getting a little bit of a relationship with her was a small victory (You never know when you are going to want a witch sim to make things interesting).

Before leaving the park after working a few hours, Sabrina caught Contessa admiring her and decided to have a quick chat with her as well since you never know if you will be needing someone turned into a Vampire for any reason later in the game and these two seem to be hitting if off really well.

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