August 3, 2017

Back to University and Graduation

After I completed my second term, I decided to take a heavier load for my third term and a lighter load in my final term.  So for my third term I took a full load of courses with 18 credits and my final term I took 2 courses for 6 credits and graduated with an "A" average.

A lot happened in those 3 terms.  I was almost got killed by a meteor.  That was kind of scary.

I maxed out athletic.  It was a lot of hard work and sweat, but it seems that "The Man" was right about my athletic ability.

I also maxed out Martial Arts.  That brain enhancement machine the campus uses is great.

I have been searching the galaxy, finding ALL 20 Celestial Discoveries.....  (Trying to do this lead to my almost death by meteor.) This let me complete the first 3 logic skill challenges.  (I don't know if will be able to complete the rest of the requirements for the Skilling Objects, we will see.)

My Graduation Ending Stats:

Athletic Level 10
Science Level 2
Handiness Level 2
Logic Level 9
Writing Level 9
Martial Arts Level 10

Fertility Treatment
No Bills Ever (Which will be helpful for my family until I pass away)
Fast Learner (I got this to try to help my Logic Skill)

Reduced to $10494 (The Mob took a lot of my money upon arriving home but it did help out to have those bonus).

Check out my house I built with my funds:

I also got some books for future generations to learn from.  Got all 3 gardening books (2 in consignment), I also found book 1 of martial arts in Consignment.  Then I bought most all of the toddler books, I am missing a few of the more expensive ones.

I also went and got my job in the Professional Sports career path and I am already at level 4.  I can not wait to see what my new future in this apocalyptic world brings.

August 2, 2017

Starting University

Heading Off to University

I thought at first "The Man" had missed the mark when sending me back, I was on a dry sandy piece of land.  But while exploring the land myself and future family would call home, the Llama Mascot came with my University Welcome basket.  I knew from my information that this would include an aptitude test that all future students would have to take.

Have no real skills or experience I was not given any bonus credits nor was awarded a scholarship, but that was OK, I was going to University to learn.

Upon arriving at my dorm, my mind went straight to the TV, it was time to see if "The Man" gave me correct information about this athleticism.

After my first ever workout it was time for the Meet and Greet.  I was able to get some information about my course curriculum and class schedule at this time.  After meeting a few people around Meet and Greet, I headed over to the admin building to collect my "Extra Funds".  I find it nice that this school rewards hard work and good grades.

Though I did not have class until noon, I knew I would need a good nights rest, so I headed to the dorm and got some sleep.  This just seems like a busy first day.  I wonder if all Universities are this busy its first day.

With having already cleared the first few athletic skill points, I was able to start jogging to class each morning.  Yes, I think "The Man" was correct, I really do like these athletic activities.  After my first class, I noticed that the Stadium was offering discounted athletic classes today so I decided to sign up for one and learn other forms of athletics.  This pretty much summed up my first term at University.  Class work, Working out and trying to collect my "Extra Funds" for my hard work.

I did not remember until Thursday that I can find jobs on the board outside.  So I only ended up taking one job this term.  But I did remember to use the brain enhancement machine to work on my writing skill.  I did well this first term.  I completed 6 credits and got an "A" grade and came home with 25K.

Skills Leveled:
  Athletic Level 7
  Logic Level 3
  Writing Level 5

I also had enough reward points to purchase the fertility treatment reward.

I really can not wait to see what term 2 brings my way.

Welcome to the Apocalypse

My name is Sophia Speranza and this is the first time I have been outside of the facility I was "created" in.  Truth is the only thing I know about myself is the things that were told to me in the office this morning.  They told me that I was a Slob, Athletic, Brave, Ambitious and Exciteable.  They also told me I was chosen as a Tier 1 candidate able to chose from Athletic, Architect and Business.  I asked if "I could think on it a little while".  They agreed that I had until the end of the information give to me to figure it all out.

The man is charge, I never got his name, told me they had worked out a few deals to make my life easier but not all of it would.  If I landed when they were aiming I should land in Lucky Palms pre-apocalypse with enough time to get a University degree.  I was explained about the traits and how if able I could choose 1 trait for each child.  But all of this came at a price.  I was tier 1, meaning I could only choose my given career from those listed earlier.

The governing cartel is evil, meaning if we lose our job we can NOT get another.  I will also only be able to marry humans (Supposedly I am a WITCH), and only those in my direct bloodline can clear a career path.

Of course there was also a decreased lifespan for elders, and once dead tombstones can not be moved off the lot (Seems graveyards were overused before the apocalypse).  Last but not least there are no "Cell Phones" (not sure that I know what that is).  I will have to buy a land line and can only use that the whole time.

At this point I chose to have my unique blue hair be a requirement for each generation heir.  I want to see it move on.

I was finally asked what my choice of career was since we only had about 5 minutes until I was going to be going through the time machine to the past.  I decided with the Athletic Trait and being able to go to University Athletic would be a good first clear for me.

So that is my story of how I ended up here in Lucky Palms, just weeks before the Apocalypse is to start.

January 26, 2017

The Sims 4 Vampire Legacy Challenge

A Sims 4 Vampire Legacy???

So I do not know how this will all work out but I am going to attempt it.  I am for the most part following the rules and regulations of The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge set forth by Pinstar and The Sims Legacy Challenge Website.

If you do not know the basic rules of a Legacy Challenge your goal is to get a family of sims to survive for 10 generations.  I have never made it that far but it seems that others have so we are going to be attempting it with the new Sims 4 Vampires but I am adding a new twist to what my goals are with the new Vampires.

With the new Sims 4 Vampires the only way to really kill your Vampire sim is to have them burn in the sun.  Since I am not planning to have my founder die my goal is to keep my founder alive for all 10 generations.  She will be able to watch her heirs have a family and grow but she will never leave this is her home and she does not want to leave it but in order for family members to keep using her already well built lifestyle (OK, she has to build it) they must live on her land.

So the rule is that the founder will stay on the land forever, unless I accidentally kill her (which I will take as a failure to  complete the legacy as my new rule is she must see the 10th generations be born to).

Rules of Succession:

Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.

With this I do not have to move in a spouse so our founder would not really be taking up to much extra room.  If the current heiress wants to have 6 kids she can.

Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Yep our founder wants to blood line to continue.  Sims are allow to adopt but that adoption can not be the heir/heiress.

First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

The oldest is the best option, but I may change this to Democracy if I have enough readers and commenters.  Want to a say in how this story goes leave comments down below after each post.  Though I am a few days a head of each post I will not be so far ahead that voting can not take place.

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

Though I may try to keep all heirs Vampires and when someone is chosen to take over the previous heir will move out I am open to Alien and Human Heirs.  The founder is very open to what comes and goes from her family.

An Extra Challenge

Ok, so now that you know my rules of the challenge, I am also going to be working on an extra challenge for this game. I want to see my founder Vampire complete every possible aspiration (minus the City Living) during the 10 generations.  I do know how that will work or even if it is possible but I am going to try for it.  I have plenty of time to work many of different jobs and even work on the other things needed to complete an aspiration.

So let me know if you are playing a Sims 4 Vampire Legacy and if so how is it going?  Are you finding it harder than normal?