January 29, 2016

Is Sabrina lucky enough to have a little girl first time?

It seems that time sure did fly...with finding out they were pregnant but the time has come for the birth of Sabrina and Juan Vendimia's first child and we can not wait for it...

Looks like Sabrina has given birth to a healthy girl....

Well make that two healthy girls, Sabrina and Juan Vendimia are happy to welcome Roxie and Zelda Vendimia to their happy family.  Though they were not expecting it they are very happy to have given birth to not 1 but 2 healthy girls and as long as no unforeseen circumstances it looks as if Roxie was born first and she is going to our future heiress.

With all the excitement of the babies, Alegra may have acted out and left a mess in her bed leaving Sabrina to clean it up.  Though I am not sure it was an accident Sabrina seems to think it was on purpose as the little cat has seemed to hate her from day one and this is just another thing on  a long list of things this cat has left for her.

As the couple gets some nice sleep, we see that the snow is finally starting to melt and with Sabrina needing to work on her fitness score some Sabrina heads out to the soccor goal to get a little bit of a workout in before she has to go to work.

January 28, 2016

Vendimia Legacy to Continue?

The Vendimia's have been hard at work trying to get pregnant with their first child and for a while there they were beginning to think it was not going to work out for them.  That they were not going to be able to have a child of their own.

But now it seems that their bright legacy will continue with the new pregnancy of Sabrina's she just really does hope that she is having a girl to continue her legacy with and that Juan is just as excited as she is.

With all the excitement of find out about the upcoming Vendimia baby we seem to have forgotten that Alegra is going to be starting work and she is off to her first day of work.

In congrats to her upcoming birth Juan has cashed in his career reward and bought Sabrina a little Business Putt Putt station which will help with charisma as well as sports (though he needs to work on the charisma more than she does).  Hopefully soon we will see what kind of baby these two love birds will be having.

January 22, 2016

With a new spouse comes all new wants...

With the marriage to Juan complete we now have to fill some of his wants and one of them is to adopt a kitten.  And with our first adoption we end up with the lovely Alegra Vendimia.

Alegra has taken a little time to get used to her new home but to welcome her Juan and Sabrina bought her a very pretty bed to sleep in and make her brand new home.  She seems to enjoy it very much as soon as she sees it and gets to lay down in it for the first time.

And with the end of their time off Juan is back to work being that he started pretty high up in the Business career path he has a very nice limo to take him to work.

It seems that Alegra was almost done with her kitten stage when Juan adopted her as now she is a full grown cat who seems to miss Juan while he is away at work.  To the point that while she sleeps she dreams of him.

And Juan is determined to make her the smartest cat out there teaching her new tricks every chance he gets, even when it it cold outside he is teaching he all new tricks to better herself.

January 21, 2016

Sabrina is finally able to get married

Well, it has been a week in Sabrina's new life.  She has worked hard gotten a few promotions and she even met a few good guys.  One of which was even more important to her, Juan Reamon.

After a week alone Sabrina has invited Juan over to her place to hopefully get married real quick and start their family, but it had been a few days since they had last seen each other so they needed to raise friendship levels a little to make way for their engagement.

Playing football toss was something Sabrina had been wanting to do, so she was very happy when Juan wanted to play as well.  Letting them get to know each other while raising that Sports hobby interest.

But onto the real reason for inviting Juan over, the engagement.

And of course the marriage as well, must not wait for that.

And with the money from the latest promotion and that which Juan brought in, a little more build onto their house and even a very small nursery for the future baby.  We can not wait to see what these two bring into the family.

January 15, 2016

Sabrina is still alone on her piece of Land

Sabrina Vendimia has been working on promotions so that when she is able to get married she has a small house for the two of them to live in until they can build more on to their home to make a nice family home which she wants.

First things first, she needs to work on taking care of her legacy tree.  The tree has so far lived a few days so things are looking up for Sabrina.

And it is off to work for Sabrina, she hopefully got enough skill leveling done so that she will see a promotion today.  Which will lead to a little building on her future home.

Sabrina's hard work to another promotion was good and she now has a little one room home where she can get out of the weather and relax a little bit safer.

Another thing this latest promotion has led to being able to get ourselves the military course.  It is hard work but Sabrina really does like to run it and raise her fitness skill level.

Another thing Sabrina bought herself was the Soccer goal hoping to raise her interest in sports as a hobby, but really it is just good for more of a work out.  She also knows that her week is almost up living alone so maybe next time we can invite Juan over to hang out and make sure that are relationship is doing really well for marriage.

January 14, 2016

Sabrina completed her first day of work

Well it is our first official night on our brand new home lot and there is something to be said for being able to afford more than just a bed.

It seems without walls and a roof over your head you get to fight the elements and Sabrina got first hand knowledge of that with the rain that fell while she slept outside for the first night at her new home, she really can not wait until she can afford a real home and not just a bed and land to put it on.

Upon waking up before the sun, Sabrina is off to her first day in the Military career.  Wishing for a promotion on the first day but really just needs some good money to start building her home.

It seems that Sabrina did in fact get that promotion on her first day and was able to get herself a few things to make living outside a little better.  Not much but enough to get this rough life started.  A little mini fridge, so she does not have to go to the park and eat burnt hot dogs all the time and even a phone on top of that so that she can talk to her new friends.  Next Sabrina threw a wall up so that she could get a cheap toilet and shower so that she does not keep getting interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom while trying to take a shower.  Though she did run out of money before she could get herself a cheap bookshelf to start learning some more skills, guess it is back to the park to work as a barista a few hours so that she can get a bookshelf.

Upon arriving at the park Sabrina got to meet the "Good Witch" so getting a little bit of a relationship with her was a small victory (You never know when you are going to want a witch sim to make things interesting).

Before leaving the park after working a few hours, Sabrina caught Contessa admiring her and decided to have a quick chat with her as well since you never know if you will be needing someone turned into a Vampire for any reason later in the game and these two seem to be hitting if off really well.

January 8, 2016

Sabrina Vendimia tries to shower at the Gym

Sabrina got home from her visit to the park and purchased her brand new bed, though it is very lonely on her big empty lot it looks good.

Sabrina had made it home from the park and purchased her bed, but it seems that there is a downside to the trip that I did not realize before we left the park, the shower had been interrupted early on, I thought Sabrina had a longer shower but she really does still need one, so we are off to the gym to take a shower and hopefully not get interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom again.

At the gym in Bluewater Village Sabrina came across Juan Reamon.  

Though was just looking for a new friend Sabrina seems to have really hit it off with Juan Reamon.  Though it seems he does in fact have a fear of Vermin (not that I personally blame him).  Hopefully us living in the great outdoors will not bother him too much.  But we do have a week to build up a house for him to live in and tomorrow is our first day on the job.

Deciding to fill up her stomach completely because it will be after work tomorrow before she makes it out again Sabrina makes up another platter of hot dots, it seems she may have burned them this time around.

But that does not seem to bother those guys any as she is not the only one to sit down and enjoy a little burned hot dog.

January 7, 2016

Sabrina Vendimia goes to the Park

Well now that Sabrina is set up on her new home lot, it is time to get some friends and even some money in her pocket.

In order to do those two things Sabrina headed over to Sim Center South in the Downtown neighborhood.  Where there is plenty for her to do and always friendly Sims to meet. (I know I have some loading problems with my game...)

But Sabrina knew before she got to miserable, she needed to make a few coins since she really could not even afford a bed at this time so first Sabrina got behind the Barista Bar and worked for some money to hopefully be able to afford a bed to sleep in.

After spending some time working as a Barista, Sabrina decided to see if there was anyone hanging out that would interest her in the long term, she is a Family Sim and in order to get that Aspiration she will need to meet a nice guy.

Sabrina did in fact meet and get along with Morty Roth, but he is a neighborhood sim which makes him ineligible for marriage but he has been making a very good friend very quickly.  And being as good looking as he is, maybe a Romance Sim can meet him later on and give us some very pretty baby genes.

After talking to Morty for a while, Sabrina was really getting a craving for a Hot Dog to fill her stomach because even with the time worked as a Barista we are barely able to afford a bed so there would be not food at her home for a while now.

Another thing that can be found in Sim Center South that Sabrina can not afford at this time and will have to travel to take care of her needs, a shower.  So before leaving Sabrina takes a quick shower, which is interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom. and her never ending lectures on things my sims are doing wrong in this game.  I guess showering in public is not allowed.

January 1, 2016

Welcome to the Vendimia Family

I recently found all of my disk that I know where they were for Sims 2 (I am missing a few STUFF Packs) So I have decided to do a Story Mode Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday of my Sims 2 Vendimia Legacy Family.

But before we meet our Founder we are going to go over some simple rules that need to be followed for the Legacy to be a success.

First off, I have all expansion packs installed, giving me plenty of extra rules and handicap options.

My 10 points in Handicaps:

  • Matriarchy: All heirs must be a female to earn the extra point - 1 point
  • One-Way Street: No use of Elixir's allowed (I believe the cow elixir is allowed though) - 1 point
  • Extreme: Live on the 5x6 lot and can not Marry/Move in for 1 full week  - 1 point
  • Free Roaming Ghosts: Can not delete the graves in any way so the Ghosts can roam free - 2 points
  • Story Teller: Tell the story of your Legacy Family (hey that is this blog) - 1 point
  • Danger Zone: Can not cancel actions when your Sim gets in "The Zone" - 1 point
  • The Hard way: No Aspiration Objects, you can still buy elixir's for the collection points. - 2 points
  • Presidential Physical Fitness: Must reach fit before adulthood (elder for those moved in and founder), and must have maxed out the sports hobby and/or the interest in sports - 1 point
Now that we have our handicaps for this Sims 2 Legacy lets meet our Legacy Founder:

Sabrina Vendimia

Sabrina Vendimia is a free spirit, she is a Family Sim who aspires to have 6 grandchildren but has a secondary aspiration of Knowledge.

Upon moving into the new lot sized 5x6 per the seasons expansion rules Sabrina has bought and planted herself one fruit tree.

It seems that Sabrina is very interested in sports and stuff all on her own without me having to help her out she starts to jump rope getting some body skills.

Stay tuned for more Flashback and Throwback Sims 2 Legacy Story.