January 29, 2016

Is Sabrina lucky enough to have a little girl first time?

It seems that time sure did fly...with finding out they were pregnant but the time has come for the birth of Sabrina and Juan Vendimia's first child and we can not wait for it...

Looks like Sabrina has given birth to a healthy girl....

Well make that two healthy girls, Sabrina and Juan Vendimia are happy to welcome Roxie and Zelda Vendimia to their happy family.  Though they were not expecting it they are very happy to have given birth to not 1 but 2 healthy girls and as long as no unforeseen circumstances it looks as if Roxie was born first and she is going to our future heiress.

With all the excitement of the babies, Alegra may have acted out and left a mess in her bed leaving Sabrina to clean it up.  Though I am not sure it was an accident Sabrina seems to think it was on purpose as the little cat has seemed to hate her from day one and this is just another thing on  a long list of things this cat has left for her.

As the couple gets some nice sleep, we see that the snow is finally starting to melt and with Sabrina needing to work on her fitness score some Sabrina heads out to the soccor goal to get a little bit of a workout in before she has to go to work.

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