January 22, 2016

With a new spouse comes all new wants...

With the marriage to Juan complete we now have to fill some of his wants and one of them is to adopt a kitten.  And with our first adoption we end up with the lovely Alegra Vendimia.

Alegra has taken a little time to get used to her new home but to welcome her Juan and Sabrina bought her a very pretty bed to sleep in and make her brand new home.  She seems to enjoy it very much as soon as she sees it and gets to lay down in it for the first time.

And with the end of their time off Juan is back to work being that he started pretty high up in the Business career path he has a very nice limo to take him to work.

It seems that Alegra was almost done with her kitten stage when Juan adopted her as now she is a full grown cat who seems to miss Juan while he is away at work.  To the point that while she sleeps she dreams of him.

And Juan is determined to make her the smartest cat out there teaching her new tricks every chance he gets, even when it it cold outside he is teaching he all new tricks to better herself.

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