January 8, 2016

Sabrina Vendimia tries to shower at the Gym

Sabrina got home from her visit to the park and purchased her brand new bed, though it is very lonely on her big empty lot it looks good.

Sabrina had made it home from the park and purchased her bed, but it seems that there is a downside to the trip that I did not realize before we left the park, the shower had been interrupted early on, I thought Sabrina had a longer shower but she really does still need one, so we are off to the gym to take a shower and hopefully not get interrupted by Mrs. Crumplebottom again.

At the gym in Bluewater Village Sabrina came across Juan Reamon.  

Though was just looking for a new friend Sabrina seems to have really hit it off with Juan Reamon.  Though it seems he does in fact have a fear of Vermin (not that I personally blame him).  Hopefully us living in the great outdoors will not bother him too much.  But we do have a week to build up a house for him to live in and tomorrow is our first day on the job.

Deciding to fill up her stomach completely because it will be after work tomorrow before she makes it out again Sabrina makes up another platter of hot dots, it seems she may have burned them this time around.

But that does not seem to bother those guys any as she is not the only one to sit down and enjoy a little burned hot dog.

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