January 1, 2016

Welcome to the Vendimia Family

I recently found all of my disk that I know where they were for Sims 2 (I am missing a few STUFF Packs) So I have decided to do a Story Mode Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday of my Sims 2 Vendimia Legacy Family.

But before we meet our Founder we are going to go over some simple rules that need to be followed for the Legacy to be a success.

First off, I have all expansion packs installed, giving me plenty of extra rules and handicap options.

My 10 points in Handicaps:

  • Matriarchy: All heirs must be a female to earn the extra point - 1 point
  • One-Way Street: No use of Elixir's allowed (I believe the cow elixir is allowed though) - 1 point
  • Extreme: Live on the 5x6 lot and can not Marry/Move in for 1 full week  - 1 point
  • Free Roaming Ghosts: Can not delete the graves in any way so the Ghosts can roam free - 2 points
  • Story Teller: Tell the story of your Legacy Family (hey that is this blog) - 1 point
  • Danger Zone: Can not cancel actions when your Sim gets in "The Zone" - 1 point
  • The Hard way: No Aspiration Objects, you can still buy elixir's for the collection points. - 2 points
  • Presidential Physical Fitness: Must reach fit before adulthood (elder for those moved in and founder), and must have maxed out the sports hobby and/or the interest in sports - 1 point
Now that we have our handicaps for this Sims 2 Legacy lets meet our Legacy Founder:

Sabrina Vendimia

Sabrina Vendimia is a free spirit, she is a Family Sim who aspires to have 6 grandchildren but has a secondary aspiration of Knowledge.

Upon moving into the new lot sized 5x6 per the seasons expansion rules Sabrina has bought and planted herself one fruit tree.

It seems that Sabrina is very interested in sports and stuff all on her own without me having to help her out she starts to jump rope getting some body skills.

Stay tuned for more Flashback and Throwback Sims 2 Legacy Story.

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