February 2, 2016

Dream - University Term 1

So it is official, Ash Dream and his future family are being used to make sure that there is a happy future for all Sims.  He has been moved into Lunar Lakes with only §8308.  And he is expected to make something on this chunk of land to show that the bad times are not the end.  He feels kind of "Hopeless" living like this, but it is something he is going to have to get used to.

The only good thing is that the government has given Ash permission to go to University at a small University they have set up not far from his new home on Lunar Lakes, so knowing he is going to need some skills Ash quickly decides to enroll in University to get himself a little bit of a head start on his career.

After taking the aptitude test that the government gave to help place Sims in their study Ash is ready enroll and grow into the roll he was chosen for.

With a §1000 scholarship and 6 credits already in the Technology degree path Ash is sure that going to University to Study Technology and earn a career in the Military field is a good thing for him.

Though, I love the set up that was given for our dorm there is one thing that I do change upon moving in.  I moved out the bunk beds in the room next to the Bathroom.  This will give my sim a single room.  Less chance of footing paths in the morning before class if you are the only person in the room.

Though Ash is not really ready for classes to start he has already received his class schedule for this first term.  Though it looks hard it does not look as bad as it could be.  All of his classes begin at 4pm giving him plenty of time to sleep if he ends up getting woken up multiple times through out the night.  Yes, those fires that room mates set force you to get out of bed disturbing your sleep.

To help himself towards his Lifetime Want Ash gets started learning the Logic skill before he is called away to the University Meet and Greet.

Where Ash has decided to continue to work on his Logic skill while also raising his Social needs.  These two games of Chess have given Ash enough practice to receive Logic Skill 1.

With only 9 more Logic Skill points to go Ash is feeling good about this first day of school.  Even though it was just meeting people you will see around campus it was a productive day, but there is still some time left of the day and Ash needs to make it worth his while for the future.

Yep, Ash needs to use the Brain Enhancement Machine while he has access to one to help both with is career future as well as his Lifetime Want.  So sitting down before bed to get a Handiness skill seems like a very good idea before going to bed.

Of course the Machine worked like a charm giving Ash his first skill point in Handiness.  After getting his first skill point in Handiness from the Brain Enhancement Machine Ash knows it is time to get some sleep before he is off to class tomorrow.


Well it is a new day for Ash and since he does not have a class until 4pm, he is going to get a workout in on that Chin Up bar that was given to us from the government and since later in life if I want to be able to leave the lot as an elder I will need to get to 10 skill points in Athletic so it is off the the Chin Up bar to get the first of many upcoming workouts out of the way.

It was hard work, but is seems to have paid off for Ash as he has reached his first Skill Level in the Athletic career.

Continuing to workout until he has even completed Skill Level 2 of the athletic skill.

Even though Athletic will be important later on, Ash is here to earn a degree and the Athletic skill point is not needed for his degree so after finishing a workout it is back to the grind of working on his skill points and with all of his room mates off to class he is on his own to play chess again.

And it seems that all the hard work on learning things for his degree is paying off as his professor has noticed the hard work and even complemented him on the hard work.

Yep, he will be keeping up with his grades, he needs the good grades to prove the government wrong about the way society is and that it will never change.  They still have a long ways to go but they are on a roll towards getting there.

At the end of the day, Ash was ready to test the Brain Enhancement Machine another time.

But it seems that only one time was allowed with this machine as Ash is now a little on the Singed side of life.  Well it is going to be an interesting term since this is going to be how he looks until the end of term.


With a new day comes another morning workout.  And though he is a little Singed, Ash is not going to let that stop him from doing what he needs to do, so off to the chin up bar to get in a good workout before class today.

Yep this experience is all about hard work and Ash is going to succeed at it.  Even if he is a little uncomfortable from that jolt of electricity.  

Even able to get himself to Skill Level 3 of Athletic.  And yet again not stopping until his workout is complete.

Making his way all the way to Athletic Skill 4.  And like yesterday after a very intense workout Ash is back at the chess table working on his Logic Skill for classes.

Earning himself the Skill Point Logic 2, before it is time for his Lab.  Where he gets to play with his Brain Enhancement machine some more.  Though he is kind of weary of going near the machine since the one in the basement did in fact shock him he has no choice but to go and participate in class if he wants to stay in school.

Though this time he was not zapped, Ash is still weary of the machine in the dorm room and will not be going near it in fear of getting shocked another time.  After class Ash went on back to the dorm in order to play some more chess alone since no one would come downstairs to play with him.

Yet another well earned Logic Skill Point earned before going to bed.


Not much really happened on Wednesday, since Ash stayed up later by the time he woke up he really did not have time to get much done.  but after class he did find time to study a Handiness book that was found in the bookcase.


Well another day of not doing much in the morning.  Ash seems to be falling behind in his personal skill advancement but he is off to his Lecture today where he was paying attention to the professor while other students seemed to use the class as a napping time.

But Ash there is more to the world outside of his studies once he graduates so he is off to his dorm to get in a quick workout before bed.

With all of this hard work Ash is on a roll with his Athletic skill reaching level 5 before going to bed.


With the upcoming exam there is one thing that Ash knows he needs to prepare for the day and that is a goodnight of sleep, and though the bed is not that good, Ash is going to get the best he can get even if his dreams are about being singed.

It seems that all of his hard work has paid off for this term as Ash has passed his exams with flying colors.

But it seems that getting out of the first term of college without a fire was too much to ask as someone has recently set a fire to the dorm. (no money was given for the fire)


Well as it is Ash's final day on campus this term he is going to play chess one more time and hopefully get one more skill point of Logic before he is forced to go home and re-enroll for the next term.

While playing chess to Logic Skill point 4 Ash's final grades came in and he was very excited to see his grades.

Yep, his Term GPA was an A giving Ash an A GPA so far.  Take that Government minions, we can do this, we can build a society where the world runs smooth.

Well it is time to head home for the end of term and get get ready to retake the aptitude test and re-enroll for another term here at Apocalypse University.

Starting Funds: 8,308
University Enrollment: +100
University Scholarship: +1000
University Tuition: -600
Mob Payout: -700

Final Funds: 8,108

*Stay Tuned tomorrow for University Term 2*

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