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I have been playing The Sims games off and on since the very first Sims came out.  I will find with new versions of the game I will pick up where I was on playing the game and then stop until and expansion pack catches my eye and says YES you must play me.  You must see what you can now do with your Sims when you can put them in apartments and have roommates.

But then I get out of playing and I lose the disk to the game or it gets scratched which makes playing again very hard.  But now with the whole game being digitally available I find that I can play it a lot easier.  I do not have to worry about scratching the game, all I have to do is install it on which ever computer I want via the download (now only 1 computer can play at a time).

All of these purchase links are via Amazon where you have the choice of either disk or download (which I believe you get an origin download).

The Sims 3

Expansion Packs

World Adventures Expansion
Ambitions Expansion
Late Night Expansion
Generations Expansion
Pets Expansion
Showtime Expansion
Supernatural Expansion
Season Expansion
University Life Expansion
Island Paradise Expansion
Into the Future Expansion

Stuff Packs

Katy Perry's Sweet Treats Stuff (only Purchasable via Disk)

The Sims 4

Expansion Packs

N/A - At this time there have been no releases of The Sims 4 Expansion Packs

Stuff Packs

N/A - At this time there have been no releases of The Sims 4 Stuff Packs